What do oil spills do to the environment

Posted May 24, 2022 by hopetopway

Oil absorber pad can absorb oil and water to the greatest extent, even in rainy weather.

The impact of oil spills on the environment can be summarized as follows: ① the density of crude oil is usually small, floating on the sea, shielding the sun, affecting photosynthesis and reducing productivity. ② It contains toxic organic substances (such as benzene), causing the death of more sensitive marine organisms, such as various plankton, fish, etc. some toxic substances will gradually accumulate in the bodies of higher trophic organisms through the food chain. ③ Oil pollution will adhere to the surface of some organisms, affect some biological activities (such as sea birds, which may lose the ability to fly) and cause poisoning. ④ It can be seen from the above description that the large-scale crude oil leakage has damage to all levels of the ecosystem, and the oil is difficult to be decomposed naturally. In the natural state, it is generally diffused through wind and waves to gradually dilute and digest the impact caused by the crude oil. If it is in a calmer sea area, the harm will be even greater. Hopetopway oil absorbent pad is made of lipophilic ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric. It does not contain chemicals and will not cause secondary public hazards. It can quickly absorb oil, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, vegetable oil and other liquids dozens of times its weight.

Here is the contene list:

● Advantages of using oil absorbent pad

● Handling procedures for small-scale oil and chemical leakage

● What is the principle of oil absorption with oil absorbent pad

Advantages of using oil absorbent pad.

1. Oil absorber pad can absorb oil and water to the greatest extent, even in rainy weather.

2. Oil absorbent mat can lock the drip and absorb slightly spilled liquid.

3. The top and bottom layers of oil absorbent pad are composed of closely woven multi strand fibers with small diameter, so the surface area is increased and the adsorption capacity is stronger.

4. The oil absorbing layer of oil absorbent mat can withstand frequent trampling and wear, so that the oil absorb mat has the characteristics of oil absorbing layer. Make the oil absorbent pad more durable and reduce the number of replacement.

5. Oil absorbent pad can add tear line, and oil absorbent pad can be used according to actual needs.

6. The color identification of oil absorbent mat helps you visually identify the absorbent you need. White indicates the special oil absorbent mat for oil stain. The white design allows you to easily see whether the oil stain has been absorbed by the absorber pad.

Handling procedures for small-scale oil and chemical leakage

Due to accidental small-scale oil leakage, the following basic guidelines can be followed:

● First, quickly take out the gloves and glasses from the Leakage Emergency combination suit and wear them;

● Quickly take out the oil absorption socks and connect them in turn to block the oil leakage or chemicals, so as to prevent further diffusion and pollution of large-area environment;

● Take out the oil conservator, place it on the enclosed oil surface, and quickly absorb the oil by relying on the super adsorption force of the oil conservator, so as to reduce the risk caused by volatilization of a large amount of oil exposed to the working environment for a long time;

● Completely absorb the residual oil after rough absorption treatment of oil absorption pillow and oil absorption socks;

Finally, take out the garbage bag, clean all used oil suction pillows, oil suction ropes, viscous liquids or solids and other impurities into the garbage bag, tie the bag mouth, transport it away in the Leakage Emergency combination package, and hand it over to a professional waste treatment company for treatment. The leakage emergency treatment barrel can be reused after being cleaned.

What is the principle of oil absorption with oil absorbent pad

Oil absorb pad uses the principle of chemical adsorption. Oil absorbent mat is made of lipophilic groups, so it has a certain adsorption on oily substances, which is a bit similar to exchange resin.
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