HJ has just launched her system to lose weight fast by running 45 minutes each day

Posted July 5, 2014 by JacobWillam

HJ just launched her system to lose weight fast by running 45 minutes each day.

HJ just launched her system to lose weight fast by running 45 minutes each day. She has created a video in which she explains her weight loss system and she is really enthusiastic because she can help so many women with it.

Even though her system for losing weight fast is more for people who have a middle or advanced fitness level, she is sure that it can help every person who wants to lose some unwanted pounds really fast.

All her system is based on the fact that during 45 minutes run, a person burns out about 700 calories. She calculated this burnout for a speed of 8.6 miles per hour and she even considers that even a person who is really a beginner, can start running daily, and in 2 months can get to the performance of being able to run 45 minutes keeping an average speed of 1 mile every 7 minutes.

The second part of her system to lose weight really fast is based on the afterburner effect of running for 45 minutes. Even though the workout itself burns about 700 calories, during the day the body will burn 400 calories more, just to recover from the effort. And if the person does not eat over 1800 calories that day, with this work out a person can lose at least 30 pounds in 2 months.

She was really enthusiastic about her discovery, and she asked 10 friends of hers to do run for 45 minutes each day, with a speed of at least 1 mile per 7 minutes and to do this every day for 20 days.

She was really happy that even though all her friends ate a little more, they all lost at least 12 pounds in 20 days, which was reaaly fantastic. Hj decided to create her new video on how to lose weight fast with running each day because she realized that a person can lose easily 30 pounds in a month with this workout, if she just runs faster.

If a person runs for 45 minutes each day, but with a speed of 11 miles per house, he or she can burn almost 400 calories more each day. Of course she recommends this speed only for everyone who has been very good at running in the past and now, because they are overweight want to lose weight fast and get back to wearing skinny jeans.

For the women who want to get the best weight loss results by running, they should just go and watch the video till the end to learn the steps to take in this url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V25g3pQaKEg

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