Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out

Posted May 21, 2020 by epinmall02

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Recruiters receive loads of CV on a regular basis, so it will be better if yours land on the top of the pile rather than the bottom. So how can you get your CV at the top?
To get your CV on top of the pile, you will need to align your experience and qualification to the job you are applying for in simple and clear structures. To make it easier, you can follow these 7 powerful CV tips:
Customize your CV for the job you want
When creating your CV, it is best to customize it to the particular job that you want to apply for. Always explain why you are the best person for that particular role in your CV. You can customize your CV by directly relating your qualification and accomplishment to the element of the job role.
To customize your CV fast, you can analyze the job description. Carefully read and understand the job description of the role that you want to apply for and make sure you use the right keywords. To better align your CV to the job description, you can carefully take note of:
The job title used in the description to help you have a good grasp of what you are applying for and what you should tailor your CV towards.
The duties and responsibilities: You can use the duties and responsibilities stated in the job description to explain why you think you are the best person for the job.
The specific requirements: use the specific requirement stated in the job description to describe in your CV how you are the best fit for the job looking at what the employer has in mind for the ideal candidate.
Include a personal statement
It is always important for you to include a personal statement to your CV. Don’t always believe that the employer or recruiter that is going to read your CV will relate your skill, qualification or experience to the job description.
An employer spends an average of 8 seconds on a CV. So to prevent your CV from being at the bottom of the pile, it is necessary for you to sell yourself at the beginning of your CV.
When an employer picks up your CV, the employer should be able to know if you are the best fit for the job from your personal statement. Your personal statement is just like an elevation pitch that is usually at the top of your CV.
Make use of keywords
Making use of keywords will help sieve your CV to the top of the pile. Some organizations make use of ATS to search for candidates that will fit into the job description. If your CV lacks some vital keywords, then you may find it difficult to land your job.
If you usually submit your CV to job sites so that employers can easily find you, then making use of the right keyword will help your CV noticed.
Just like SEO or digital marketing, making use of the right keywords in your CV will help your CV come up faster when employers search for candidates.
You can use the keywords used in the job description to create and tailor your CV. To make sure you are using the right keywords, you can go online and search for common keywords that is used to describe your job title.
Tell the truth and be précise
If you want your CV to actually represent you to a great extent, then you have to tell the truth. Job-seekers often tend to lie in their CV so that may be considered for the job.
Most times recruiters often recognize a CV lie when they see it. Whenever a recruiter sees and recognize a lie on your CV it immediately creates a negative impression of you to the employer, and you may never be considered.
It is important for you to always tell the truth in your CV so that the recruiter or employer can have a good understanding of you to see if you are the right person for the job. As much as you should try to avoid lying on your CV, you should also be precise about the information that you give out on your CV.
Try to eliminate errors from your CV
Since your CV is your personal branding and marketing tool, then you should eliminate errors to make it perfect. Errors may give the recruiter an impression about you that you may not like. Recruiters spend very few seconds on a CV, so having errors on your CV may put off the recruiter.
Errors give an impression that you are careless, and maybe you don’t pay attention to details or you are not careful about details. Errors on your CV may cancel the requirement that the employer has in mind concerning the job.
So if you want to be understood by the recruiter and pass the right message across then your prospective employer, then you should remove every error on your CV. It is normal to make little errors when writing, but it is also possible for you to limit the rate of errors.
Put emphasis on your qualifications, skills, achievements and experience
Your skills, qualifications, achievements and experience are key things that emphasize why you are the best person for the job. So when you are creating your CV, you should make sure it emphasizes your skills, achievements, qualification and experience that makes you the best person for the job.
Employers look forward to hiring candidates that have the skills, achievements, qualifications and experience that fits the job description. Always emphasize that qualification that makes you the best person for that job, because that is what the recruiter wants to see.
Make sure your CV looks good
Employers often see loads of CV’s on a regular basis, and most times they only scan through to see the ones that are more attractive.
Before an employer picks up the interest to read a particular CV, that CV most have attracted the person. You should make sure your CV is clean and good looking. You can add colours to your CV even if they should not be sharp colours.
You can make use of some simple designs on your CV to show your level of expertise in the skills that you listed. Formatting and properly structuring your CV can give that clean and beautiful look that will attract anyone to read your CV. You can see samples of CV templates here.
Take note of the font type, font size, lay out etc. Use bullet points and short sentences to convey the information to your prospective employer in a short and precise manner.
Long gone are the days when you just submit a poor CV and pray it gets the attention of the hiring manager. Your CV may never stand out if you don’t make it stand out. With these tips you create an outstanding CV that will help you land your dream job fast.
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